Prenatal vitamin fail

Another chapter in my prenatal vitamin saga! Why are these things so HARD ? It’s vitamins! You take them!!! It should be easy!!

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I went to the vitamin shop and got an expensive bottle of prenatal vitamins and started taking them. Then I went to my Dr. and she gave me samples of a one a day prescription one. I liked these better as they were a) one a day (the ones i bought were 2 but I could barely remember to take the 2nd one) and b) had DHA/Omega 3 which I had been taking separately because the ones I bought didn’t have this and apparently it’s good for the baby’s brain.

So I filled the prescription and was shocked when I had to pay $60 for a months supply, especially after I was told by my ins. co. that prenatal vitamins were covered. I then realized I have a premium I have to pay for my prescriptions before I can get them cheap. So I went back the 2nd month, paid the $60 again and though next time they will be cheaper. PSYCHE!!! The third month I STILL paid $60 – I called my ins and was like “WTF?” and she then explained that the prescription I had was for a premium prenatal vitamin which my INS doesn’t cover. She gave me a list of vitamins I can get for $10 / month.

So at my next appointment I asked my Dr. to write a prescription for one of these and she did. When I dropped it off at the drug store the pharmacist was perplexed and said she couldn’t find that vitamin in the system. So she called the Dr. and got a clarification. When I went back later to pick up my prescription I was a little surprised when they rang up at $60 again. Though the bag she was handing me was huge so i though it might be a few months supply.


It’s a different vitamin, yes, but it was only a 30 day supply in some extra wasteful packaging.

And the bitch of it is, I was reading the “read this first” section about taking them and they have the dumbest suggestions ever.

First, it says to take on an empty stomach 2 hours before or after eating. Okay, I don’t know a pregnant lady that goes for 2 hours without eating.

It also says not to take within 2 hours of ingesting caffeine, which is fine because aside from chocolate I only have tea in the morning.

I still can;t really get over that 2 hours eating thing but the real kicker is this:

It says not to use antacids while taking these vitamins as they may decrease the effectiveness of the vitamins. Whats ?!?!! No TUMS? Are you fucking kidding me?

If I am going to resign myself to expensive vitamins I mid as well switch back to the original ones which are prenatal vitamins that are actually meant for pregnant ladies. though I am calling my insurance again and asking my Dr. for a cheap one because $2 / vitamin is a bit ridiculous.

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One Response to Prenatal vitamin fail

  1. Anonymous says:

    I took the prescription kind (some sort of huge, horse sized pill) before and during my pregnancy. My OB told me to keep taking them after I had the baby but I had run out, so I switched to some generic kind I bought at Target – and they’re GREAT. My nails grow like an inch a day. Plus they have the Omega 3 and none of those stupid restrictions.

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