Nesting, in my own weird way

I may have mentioned this already, but the nursery is in no way shape or form even close to being ready for this baby. I try not to flip out about this on a daily basis, and am really doing my best not to nag Jon about it. I have been dropping subtle hints and he has begun to at least start to clean the room out. And bless him we are in the middle of completely redoing our hallway, sheetrock and all. And by “we” I mean, him and our friend Randy. So I can’t really completely expect him to like quit his job just to get the damn nursery ready. Also I figure that after the shower this weekend and the onslaught of baby gear, we’ll have to clean out all the guest room/tattoo related stuff to make room for baby!

And honestly, as much as people keep saying to me”Yeah but it’s so nice to have the nursery set up before the baby arrives” it’s not like it matters. The baby will never know that her nursery wasn’t ready when she was born. She’s most likely going to be sleeping exclusively in the co-sleeper for the first month anyway.

But still the nursery contains things that are so not baby appropriate. Like this;
Or this painting;

That being said, I like to focus on the positive. The color is fine and matches the nursery theme we picked perfectly so at least we don’t have to paint. See;

And there is one shelf on the bookcases that is ready for baby;

Although we do have to get rid of the drill, the lighter and the Reefer Madness poster there but see! Dr. Seuss books!!

No do you know what my weird nesting instinct has drawn me to do? Buy things in bulk. Things that are not exactly necessary for survival. Like toilet paper and dish soap. Because, clearly once the baby comes we will be incapable of going to the store for toilet paper! I am anxious about getting in a costco run before the baby arrives because god forbid we run out of paper towels!!

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One Response to Nesting, in my own weird way

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are more ready than you think – once the non-baby stuff is out, it will take you no more than a day to get everything set up. -mom

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