If I had more maternity leave….

I would totally take this next month off. Not that I’m complaining about the amount of leave I get- but there are sweeter deals out there in the world (Helloooooo Germany). And I shouldn’t really open my mouth at all because I am getting some paid leave, and I think the NY State law only requires like 8 weeks and none of it paid. So considering how the law ‘protects’ new mothers by giving them mandatory (unpaid) leave I should be thankful that my job offers paid leave.

I decided at the beginning of my pregnancy that barring any medical reasons for me to take off early, that I’d like to save all of my leave for when the baby is actually here. SO, with my Dr’s go ahead I’ll be working until like a week before my due date. (I go to the Dr again in 2 weeks then it’s every week until the baby is due – whether that’s on my predicted due date or before)

That being said I totally wish I had the option of taking 6 or so months off because this last month (which BTW if the baby is on time I’m still 5 weeks away) is going to be rough. I can tell by the way I can barely walk 3 blocks without getting winded. Or by the way I feel like I have to stop at the diner that 1/2 way between my house and the subway on the way home just to sit down and rest my back because it aches so bad. Did I mention the subway stop is only 5 blocks from my house?

I pretty much can’t get a good nights sleep no matter how hard I try. My latest ailment? Poor circulation. I wake up every few hours with a dead arm on whatever side I happen to be laying on. No amount of yoga during the day or body pillow or regular pillow positioning during the night seems to help this. Believe me, I’ve tried. This coupled with the fact that I have to get up and pee like 5 times a night makes for poor sleep time. The only way I feel well rested is to give myself at least 10 hours for sleeping, because after all the tossing turning and waking up a million times in the night that amounts to about 6 or 7 hours. Setting aside 10 hours to sleep is pretty much a ridiculous thought during the week.

I’ve been dealing with work itself pretty well, which is a bonus because I’m not sure how my hormonal tired self would cope with an overload. I have been furiously preparing memos and instructions for while I’m gone and for the most part have had time to complete these tasks in addition to my regular workload.

One thing I would like more time for is actually planning and setting up the nursery. I’m trying to figure out the crib options right now and would like nothing more than a day off with Jon to go check out various baby stores for their crib models. Unfortunately, we share one day off together and this day is usually filled with some kind of non-baby activity. I guess there’s always labor day Monday. Hahahah LABOR DAY . Technically, by then I could have a baby… thankfully I registered for a co-sleeper so baby Ivy will have a place to sleep when she comes home!

Actually, Friday after work I did my first baby shopping, which was really fun. Jon’s mum had given us $ to buy the Ergo Baby carrier that I want so I got that, along with the infant insert. I also got a few cute little outfits because I couldn’t resist. I really cannot wait until after the shower so I can do a proper shop for the baby filling in all the little things I didn’t get.

So I’m not quiet feeling unprepared or freaking out about the fact that there are still skulls in the “nursery”, but an extra month off from work before the baby comes would be awfully nice. Not just so I can set things up but so I can relax as well!! Because I would like nothing more at this point than to not have to wear pants for the rest of my pregnancy and to be able to lounge around all day and take naps whenever I feel tired.

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