Fatty fat fat fat

Had a Dr’s appointment yesterday. She told me that “I have a big baby in there” I gained a shitload of weight since my appointment last month and she also said that I’m ‘hovering on the recommended weight gain so I should try and watch it for the next month’ Eeek!

I actually thought this when they had to weigh me to get on that stupid tiny plane to go to Key West. And I suppose 2 weeks of in laws visiting and vacation (and Chocolate dipped Key Lime pie on a stick!) didn’t help the situation.

One of the things I was supposed to ask her for was a note to freeze my gym membership so I don’t have to pay for something I’m not using. I honestly forgot (really I don’t know why I don’t listen to my pregnancy books when they tell me to make a list of questions I have because I always forget something ). I have until the 15th to freeze for June so I guess I’ll just ask her over the phone and stop buy and get it. Hopefully by then she forgets that I am hovering on the maximum weight gain.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that she never used the word “unhealthy” and my blood pressure is very good so it’s not like me or the baby are in any kind of danger. I should probably just lay off the ice cream.

Finally, please don’t take this post as a chance to tell me that I really should have gone to the gym more often, or about the new mommy boot camp I can join after the baby comes or anything related to exercise. I can’t even think about physical activity beyond my normal realm of getting to and from the places I need to go, so please, don’t. I know those Miss Sixty jeans won’t fit for at least a year after I have the baby, there is no need to rub my face in it.

Oh the irony: The ad next to the window in which I am typing this is for “Slimquick”. Thanks Livejournal – you’re worse than US Magazine!

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2 Responses to Fatty fat fat fat

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Sissy – You’re doing great and no, I won’t harass you about exercise! Can’t wait to shop for small things!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think you look amazing, and so cute in all those warm weather clothes! My face got so fat at the end I was unrecognizable. Luckily, that goes away pretty quick.
    For some reason, all the weight loss ads Facebook usually shows me have been replaced with ads for teeth whitening. Maybe the internet has given up on making me thin.

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