The final countdown!!

This past Tuesday marked my 33rd week of pregnancy. 33rd week! 7 weeks to go! Possibly less that 7 weeks. They say babies delivered after the 37th week are full term so OMFG I could feasibly have a baby in 4 weeks. FOUR FUCKING WEEKS . Excuse me while I go freak out for a moment.

It’s funny how now that I’m reaching the end of my pregnancy all of a sudden I am full of gripes and complaints. So far, so good: I’ve had a pretty smooth ride(she says as she knocks on wood). But let me tell you something that seems to be a major symptom of my 33rd week: My feet are swollen like nobody’s business. I have grandma ankles. Cankles! and my shoes barely fit anymore. Thank goodness the weather is warming up and flip flops are acceptable. My cute slip on shoes that I though would take me through the rest of the pregnancy are getting tight! And I made sure when I bought them that there was some room!

I have been doing everything within my power to prevent this. I keep my feet up – even at work I have a little box under my desk that I rest them on. When I get home I elevate them. I have foot soaks! And Jon even feels so bad for me that he gives me foot massages. I walk around enough and don’t spend tons of time on my feet. But, there it is: Cankles and puffy toes.

Another thing that has hit me like a ton of bricks: Back pain. Oh my word. I cannot even get from my house to the subway station (about a 5-10 minute walk for non-pregnant people) with out a tight pain in my lower back. It’s hard to keep your posture healthy while there a little baby wriggling around in there constantly throwing off your balance. Thankfully, people are pretty much jumping out of their seats on the train for me at this point (although I have to say it’s almost always women who get up for me). And if for some reason no one got up, I am at the point of my pregnancy where I would have no problem asking for a seat.

Finally, as my belly seems to be getting bigger and bigger on an almost hourly basis, I can feel it pressing up on my lungs and find myself breathless very easily. This along with the back pain makes for a very slow moving Holly. I get up earlier now so that I can actually get to work on time. My belly button seems to be at the point of popping to an outtie, and pregnancy clothes that I once thought of as tent like are fitting just perfectly now.

My baby shower is in two weeks, and after that we will start to actually set up the nursery, which has been hanging on to it’s guest room status as long as it can. Luckily we don’t have to do anything major to it (it was painted a baby appropriate color a few years ago), except you know set up the furniture. Jon probably has one more shipment of scary things to take away, we need to move the non-baby related books to the highest shelves and it will be baby ready. Once this happens and I get my special baby laundry detergent and start washing all the onesies and tiny socks I think it will pretty much sink in that we are on the brink of parenthood.

Now, just because it’s silly and since I typed in the title to this post I have had that Europe song in my head, with no further adieu I give you Spongebob;

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