Pregnancy, Vacations and Weddings

Just back from an amazing lovely week in Key West.

We went down for a wedding. Not just any wedding but 2 of our best friends getting married. While I was a little apprehensive at first about how much my almost 8 months pregnant self would be able to enjoy myself I have to say it was greeeeeat!

Despite the fact that one of the things I look forward to about vacation (especially a tropical vacation) is that afternoon beer or cocktail I was ok with out it. I will admit, that at night I was a little less than thrilled with walking to a bar to watch everyone indulge while I drank cranberry juice, but otherwise it didn’t get to me too much. For the most part I stayed in when everyone else hit Duval Street. I was up earlier than ever every morning. It is so easy to jump out of bed at 7 am when you know you have a day of doing nothing ahead of you.

The exception being the Pirate Themed pub crawl which the happy couple arranged for the wedding guests. First, hi, it involved getting dressed up so that just made it fun, even if I was drinking club soda all night. I think I made it to 80% of the bars the pub crawl hit. And the second best part was that we rented a little electric car so I didn’t have to walk everywhere. We flew a pirate flag off the back that said “Surrender the Booty” and later in the evening I started my own “Pirate taxi” service taking home those that were ready to call it a night, and most importantly, Mema (Grandma). Not only was it an amazing way to spend one of the evening leading up to the wedding but it gave all of the family and friends attending the wedding a chance to get to know each other better so by the actual wedding day we were all friends.

I read 3 books while I was there – nothing deep – mostly trashy novels; the kind that involve either a) vampires (and NO it was not Twilight – I’m saving that one for my maternity leave) b) a cop trying to solve a weird voodoo mystery or c) a killer shark. Yes, I did read Jaws on my beach vacation, why do you ask? I spent plenty of time lazing by the pool or at the beach. Floating in water while you are pregnant is one of the most amazing feelings ever. I can’t explain it but something about swimming and not being on your feet just feels soooo good.

For the most part I stayed out of the sun, though when I was swimming or sun bathing I was slathered in SPF 30. Some tan did manage to break through the sunscreen though and I survived the week with only a tiny tiny patch of sunburn on my chest.

The wedding was great. I didn’t cry any more than I normally would have, so take that hormones. I did have a moment where I thought I might turn into a blubbering idiot but hey, these are 2 of my best friends here so I’m allowed. Plus I just took a few deeps breaths and grabbed the tissue I stashed in my bra strap and was fine.

The reception was even better. Despite the lack of copious amounts of alcohol I had an awesome time dancing and laughing and just generally basking in the love that flowing around that garden.

I will say this though: Dancing with a baby in your belly is hard . Like I could barely get through a song before I was ready to pack it in. But I did spend plenty of time at the table with my feet up so I was still able to get up and shake a leg when the old favorites came on. Like “Twist and Shout” The next day, the brides mother said to me ” I thought I was going to have to deliver that baby because Holly was going to Twist and Shout it right out” 🙂

The worst part about the week was the plane ride from Ft. Meyers and back on the 9 seater cessna. Something I will never ever do again, pregnant or not.

All in all, it was an amazing time. I’ll have to upload some pictures – especially because my belly has quadrupled in size since the last photo -op!

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