Pregnant + Sick = Stabby

Man nobody warned me that a cold can be so fucking miserable while pregnant!

Last time Jon got sick and we were worried I would catch it, I got a sore throat for a day and was done with it, thank you prenatal vitamins. So when he was sick last week I figured I’d be ok. This is not to say I was rolling around in his snotty tissues in order to tempt fate or anything but I didn;t think that after feeling a sore throat on Friday and a bit congested on Saturday that I would wake up Monday not even able to get out of bed . Seriously. Saturday night was a bit rough b/c we slept at moms and I didn’t have my best friend the body pillow so I didn’t sleep great and was so damn congested and coughing. But after a cup of tea and some breakfast Sunday morning I thought I was getting better. A nap after Easter brunch left me a bit refreshed but this morning, not so much.

Jon says it’s because I didn’t rest enough when i first started feeling sick and so I didn’t go to work today and have been resting up all morning so far. I just talked to my Dr. and she told me some meds I can take that are safe for the pregnant ladies (for the record they are Tylenol Cold and Sinus, Theraflu and Sudafed) so hopefully this will help. But ugh. Coughing sucks! Congestion sucks! Sinus headaches make me want to stab someone!

Until the meds I have been getting by with lots of peppermint, red zinger, and blueberry tea and my savior Vicks Vapo Rub. I hope the meds make me better fast though!

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