Getting Ready for Key West

So a week from tomorrow I will be on a plane to a tropical place! Woooooo! I’m a little concerned about the plane ride itself, and uh the layover at Ft Myers airport that is LONGER THAN MY FLIGHT DOWN THERE,and uh, the 55 minutes flight on a 9 person plane to Key West. But in the end, I picture myself in warm sunny weather, floating in the pool, eating ice cream (AND KEY LIME PIE!!!). So what if I tell off a few flight attendants on the way?

Normally, when heading to a beach destination there is a laundry list of things I have to do that includes a mani-pedi, a bikini wax and weeks and weeks of using a natural glow moisturizer to make my pale white self not so pale.

What a difference being pregnant makes! Although did get a mani-pedi no thanks on the bikini wax! And I didn’t even think about the natural glow moisturizer until like today so forget that. The only things I had to make sure of is that I got a maternity bathing suit and I have plenty of spf 45 sunscreen because I hear pregnancy + sun are not really a great combo. Hopefully a little sun seeps through so I look at least somewhat sun kissed for the wedding, which is at the end of the week. I also made sure I had water proof mascara so when I cry my eyes out at the wedding of 2 of my best friends I don’t look like crap after the ceremony.

Shopping for a bathing suit was less traumatic than I thought it would be. My mom came and we went to motherhood where they had at least 5 that I liked on the hangers. Of those 5, 4 of them were ok on, but I ended up getting the one with the best support which is a cute b&w polka dot tankini that looks a little retro. I’m a little upset about the current state of my thighs, but what can I do. I’ll be in the pool most of the time and under a wrap for the rest. Plus what are the alternatives? A Burkini?

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