Doulas, meet the doulas, they’re here to help you birth with ease…

(That title was meant to be sung in the key of the Flinstone’s theme song BTW)

So, since I am being a rebel and skipping birth preparedness classes, and really not taking any kind of getting ready class (except for prenatal yoga) but still want to have as natural a birth as possible while including the epidural I’m pretty sure I am going to hire a doula. A doula is someone who is trained and experienced with childbirth and will assist you before during and throughout your birth. She will basically be a bit of a go-between between me and the Dr’s and nurses, and will help Jon help me be comfortable during the whole process.

While I am pretty sure I am going to get the sweet drugs (epidural) that they offer, I also would like to avoid the use of pitocin (a drug that ‘speeds up’ labor if it’s progressing slowly), forceps or vacuum extraction, and a c-section if possible. The doula will be there to help explain what happening to me, in laywoman’s terms, which can help me make better decisions. We’ll meet a few times before the birth, she’ll be ‘on call’ for the weeks surrounding my birth, and will come when I take the baby home for a follow up visit.

I decided I wanted to do this for a couple of reasons. First, Although I’m sure he will mean well, I’m not sure how much ‘support’ Jon will be able to lend. I remember mom telling me about my dad almost passing out during my sisters birth and spending a lot of time in the far corner of the room. Someone also told me a story of a husband who went out for a beer during her prolonged labor. And while both my mother and mother in law will be present and have both been there done that (5 times between them) they are family and (no offense mom and mum) I don’t need any mother or MIL knows best kind of advice being handed out while I am pushing. Plus they both gave birth like 30 + years ago. Things have changed!!

There’s a group here in the city called ‘Birth Focus’ that offers Doula support and tonight I am going to their “Open House” after work at Beth Israel hospital to meet their doulas. They described the event kind of like speed dating. First there’s an informational session on their services, then there’s the speed dating part where I get to take some time to meet each doula to see how we click. Ideally, Jon would be there too but he has to work. Plus I don’t have to commit to anyone tonight. So, I’m excited. this also brings on those OMFG I am having a baby in less than 3 months feelings

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