28 weeks later

Actually, tomorrow marks 29 weeks. I kind of just wanted to title this post after a zombie movie. I could go on about how I am feeling more and more like a zombie these days actually. I could talk about a wacky dream I had that involved both zombies and werewolves. But enough about zombies…

I cannot believe how soon I am in the third trimester. My energy is starting to lag a bit. Mostly because of all the extra weight. Getting up the hill to my house at the end of the day is torture. I was a bit too ambitious with my house cleaning on Saturday and spent most of Sunday on the couch. I watched 2 crap Sunday afternoon movies (Mouse Hunt and the 25th Hour) and didn’t even think about getting up, or even extending my fingers to change the channel.

Last Wednesday I saw my Dr. – Everything is going great, weight gain is still ok, blood pressure is excellent. She said the baby is measuring big. When I gave her an alarmed look she said not to worry, as sometimes they grow more in the beginning of the third trimester than at the end of it. I fucking love my Dr. because when I asked her about skipping the ‘birth preparedness’ classes she said that she only really recommends those if someone is super nervous about the birth, or their partner is not really into it. But otherwise, she said no one ever uses the breathing techniques they teach you, if the pain becomes too much for them to handle, they ask for the epidural. Then she said that pre-natal yoga is probably the best thing I can be doing and will prepare me more for it than those classes at the hospital. I am totally addicted to yoga and can feel the difference if I skip it. It helps immensely with the leg cramps and sciatica that tend to bother me if I don’t do it.

Getting ready to head to Florida in 3 weeks for my good friends wedding which I’m in. Which reminds me that I have to do 2 things I’m dreading: try on my bridesmaids dress and purchase a maternity bathing suit. Yikes and double yikes! Thank god I have a big collection of sarongs and wraps. I am looking forward to a week off of work, a week that will be spent relaxing in the pool when I’m not involved in wedding activities. I’m so glad they picked such an awesome place (Key West) to get married. It’s going to be great and I better invest in some waterproof mascara because I know the tears will be flowing freely from my eyes.

Other than the energy level not much has changed oh yeah and my belly’s fucking huge! And man is she active in there! Jon and I have also been playing music for her. So far her favorites include Bob Marley and Rage Against the Machine. I can see she’s taking after both mommy and daddy.

I’m done reading pregnancy books and baby books (for now) although I did just order this book after going to a reading for the book release (and meeting my Friend Suzanne from Bebehblog)! The author keeps a great blog as well. After this I will switch to some light fiction and go back to periodically consulting What to Expect because OMFG I am having a baby in a little less than 3 months!!!!

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