feelin hot hot hot…

I’m pretty used to the whole ‘body temperature being 10 degrees higher than the average human being’ thing. I smartly dress is layers so that I can remove them when I am the only one sweating my ass off in the office. I’m happy that Spring is (I think/hope) on it’s way so I don’t have to deal with my winter coat anymore – I can’t button it up these days anyway.

I think I may have posted about the unbearable heat in my apartment before, but for those not in the know, I live in a pre-war co-op and the boiler is probably close to 90 years old. That means steam heat with no regulation. After our boiler blew this winter (3 days no heat or hot water on the coldest days of the season was awesome by the way) we got a new something attached there and I thought the long hot sweaty nights of heat blasting away might come to an end. No such luck.

While it’s not quite as hot as it used to be, the heat is still on a timer which comes on and off all night, and the thermostat it is connected to is IN the basement, which stays cool even when the temp outside is pushing 60. So it still gets uncomfortably hot for a pregnant lady at night.

The weather was pretty Spring-like and warm over this weekend. On Saturday night/ Sunday morning I woke up at a bout 3 am convinced Jon was trying to kill me by suffocation. the I realized he just shut the window and the heat was on. So I opened the window and felt the lovely cool breeze and was eventually able to fall asleep again.

When I went to bed last night, the heat was blasting. I cracked the window about an inch because the temperature had dropped to about 20 something (thanks mother nature). This was not enough to combat the extreme heat hissing out of my radiator so I opened it about 2 inches, so we could feel the breeze in bed.

I feel asleep easy enough, but around 3:30 woke up with a really dry hurting nose and , as usual, sweating my ass off. I kicked off the covers, but then the cold breeze kicked in and I was too cold. Tossing and turning and generally disrupting Jon and the cats as I rolled all over the bed with my body pillow, I could not get comfortable.

Eventually this ruckus woke Jon up too who joined me in tossing and turning and trying all sorts of cover combinations to get comfy. Finally he yelled out “This is unbelievable! If I turn one way it’s hot as hell – if I turn to the other side I get a blast of arctic air!”

Yep, welcome to my world.

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