Things I like to hear

My pregnant co-worker and I were talking today when we were joined by another co-worker. The point in our conversation that we were at was me telling her that next Tuesday marks the start of my third trimester and she then said that today was the start of her 8th month. When our other co-worker exclaimed “Well, you two both look great – you don’t even look tired or anything!”

While I certainly feel tired and sometimes when I catch a glimpse of my reflection at the end of the day I see a tired face staring back at me, it’s nice to know that other people don’t look at me and think ‘Jeez this pregnancy is really hard on her- Girlfriend looks tired’.

In addition to being told that I don’t look tired, I also like to hear about how you can’t tell how much weight I’ve gained. This information of course is strictly between me, my Dr. and the scale. Oh and that one time that Jon was at the Dr. with me and the nurse accidentally said my weight outloud in front of him.

Two great things that real people have actually said to me are “Well, you haven’t gained much weight in your face or arms or anywhere else so I’m sure you’ll be able to loose whatever pounds you put on quickly” and “Wow you don’t even look pregnant from the back”. I especially like the latter because it is in direct relation to my booty, which I think is gigantic right now.

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