An Open Letter to Smokers

Dear Smokers,

You smell. No , really. Your cloths smell, your breath smells, your hair smells. If you smoke alot, especially in your house, your stuff smells. You may think that gum/ mouthwash/ laundering remedies this but it doesn’t. You don’t wash things like you jacket all the time and guess what? It reeks like smoke. When you talk to me, even if you haven’t had a cigarette for hours, you smell like smoke. I especially hate it if it’s soon after I’ve eaten and you come near me. It makes me queasy. I might add that since I’ve been pregnant if you’ve ever had a cigarette in your life I can smell it on you .

I hate when I’m walking down the street and you light up in front of me. It’s even worse when you stop at the top of the subway steps to light up. Stopping at the top of the subway steps should be a punishable offense for any reason but stopping there to light up is extra bad because your secondhand smoke then gets whisked down in the wind tunnels and right in my damn face, even if I’m not right behind you. And good luck if I am right behind you because even if I see you stop I will purposely walk into you,and or step on the back of your feet just for being an asshole that stops at the top of the subway steps. I might note that this applies to tourists and people trying to make cell phone calls as well.

I hate how you all gather at the entrance to my office building so that when I leave in the evening, my first breath of outside air is never fresh (or, er, as fresh as it can get in midtown).

I especially hate how if you happen to smoke within 10 feet of my husband in an enclosed area the smoke stench permeates his dreadlocks so I yell at him and accuse him of smoking.

So, friends and strangers alike who are smokers, why don’t you do us all a favor – especially yourselves and pregnant ladies everywhere – and quit!



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2 Responses to An Open Letter to Smokers

  1. Anonymous says:

    UGH Smokers. At my baby shower this weekend, several of my husband’s relatives decided it was ok for them to smoke as long as they stood on my porch. No one thought to ask me if that was allowed. IT IS NOT. Especially because then they all trooped back into my house reeking of cigarettes and making me want to throw up.
    You know what’s even worse? When the woman sitting next to me in the waiting room at the OB-GYN smells like a lit cigarette.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hate how dreads soak up smoke smell!!! I feel that when people smoke around me I can still smell it hours later!

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