“Parenting” magazine

The first time I bought stuff at Motherhood maternity, they took all my info so that I’m part of their special club and they can market all sorts of baby crap that I don’t need to me. Part of this ‘Welcome pack’ included a free mini subscription to Parenting magazine.

They really should drop the pretense and call this “Mommy” magazine because it’s not really geared towards the father at all. At a first glance to the cover you might not notice this. The covers stories are along the lines of Kids Health, Sleep & Potty Training and 7 Ideas for Indoor Fun. These could easily be geared towards both parents; then you get to the bottom of the cover and there’s a story entitled ‘Mad at you man? 1000+ moms tell all’. The article would not be useful to both parents if you were say trying to keep the lines of communication open – it’s more like a tell all of a bunch of people in less than healthy relationships complaining about things that could probably be fixed by simple discussions. Yet all the disgruntled moms confess that they are angry most of the time because their man won’t do laundry. One lady even said she daydreams about getting in her car and just driving away without ever worrying about the kids again. Uh, if you are feeling like this might I suggest therapy and not a magazine.

Flip to the back, there’s the Parenting ‘top ten things not to feel guilty about’. Let me share a few of these things PARENTS should not feel guilty about:

#1) Having the impulse, after your kid has used your $20 lipstick to draw on the wall, to cal up Brad and Angelina and ask them if they’d like to take in one more.

Hmm…okay my husband doesn’t wear lipstick!

#3) Suspecting that those stars who got their prebaby bodies back in 2 weeks are on drugs.

Okay…my husband doesn’t have to worry about his prebaby body!

#7) Calling your jiggly belly your ‘mummy tummy’ 10 years after childbirth

Again….husband does not have baby weight!

#8) Noticing the hot dad at dropoff (hey, you’re just lookin’)

If my husband is noticing the hot dad at the drop off then we need to talk.

Then there’s a ‘your style’ section that highlights kickier shoes; perkier bags; lingerie sets that make you look great and headbands for bad hair days! For parents!!

Sure, there are a few articles that are actually geared towards, you know PARENTING . And I know that in mine at Jon’s case at least I am the one more likely to pick up magazines like this and read them but seriously? I’d prefer more helpful info and less weight loss tips and kicky shoes. For real. If I wanted to read a magazine that makes me feel fat and out of style I’ll pick up a proper lady mag like Glamor or Vogue, thanks.

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