Out for blood

My clumsiness has taken on a disturbing new trait this week: blood lust. Seriously! It all started the other day when I was showering and my little cat Frank was outside the door crying to get in. I let him in, and somehow as I was pulling the door shut, my one hand slipped and I stabbed by middle finger on the other hand with one of my talons (side note: I really should get a manicure my nails have never been this long or strong).

So whatever – it’s a little slice. THEN several days later, I’m making a pizza and trying to open a tin of tomatoes with our wonky ass can opener which doesn’t do the best job if the can is not perfectly round. I think you can see where this is going? I can’t get one part of the damn top to open, so I start prying it off with the end of a fork. Big mistake! The damn lid of the can opened with a vengeance, not only slicing the top of my thumb, but spraying tomato sauce/water everywhere in the process. SO now, not only am I bleeding profusely from my thumb, but myself and my kitchen counter are covered in spray of tomato. Now, this one I couldv’ve/ should’ve seen coming and probably would’ve happened to me in a non-pregnant state.

Then, a few days later I am opening a roll of parchment paper for cooking and taking it out of the box. it’s got one of those ‘concealed’ cutters on the inside of the box and yup – you guessed it – I sliced my fucking finger on it.

Hopefully I can get a grip (literally!) and stop dealing with sharp objects for the remainder of this pregnancy. In other somewhat related news: I have started giving myself an additional 15 minutes to get places I need to be on time because that’s how slow I’m moving. AND I’M NOT EVEN IN MY 3RD TRIMESTER JUST YET!!!

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