Econmic slump = Baby boom?

The Dow is down! Unemployment is up! Houses are being foreclosed upon at an alarming rate! And yet it seems like more people are procreating than ever. Now, I don’t have any numbers to back this up, but based on my personal experience, it seems that everyone is having babies. And no, I’m not basing this on all those people I just met in my birthing class (I’m not even taking that just yet!). I am just hearing about lots of people having babies. I bet if I actually found statistics they would prove me right.

Now I know that Jon and I certainly didn’t say to ourselves “Hey the economy’s in the shit can! Lets make a baby!” and I’m sure that’s not what’s been on the minds of most new parents/ mommies to be. In fact I’m guessing that the current economic climate is more likely a source of stress for a lot of new parents right now.

In spite of all the worry, maybe people are starting to realize there’s more to life than material goods, big houses and lots of cash money in the bank? Is it possible that there is something out there that’s more fulfilling than being “successful” by shallow standards?? Could it be that people are seeing beyond the monetary worth of all their stuff ? Forget iPhones, designer shoes, and bling.

Perhaps, in spite of the fact that people are no longer ‘rolling in it’ by playing the real estate market, investing, etc. and jobs are few and far between, people are seeing what is really valuable. Love.

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1 Response to Econmic slump = Baby boom?

  1. Anonymous says:

    it’s like “hey hun…lets not get that big screen tv and lets make love” LOL

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