Tattoo conventions: Now with 50% more babies!

This weekend was the Philly Tattoo convention. It’s one of my favorite shows, and although I thought at first about skipping it, as I knew Jon would be doing one of two things the whole time: working or getting drunk, I decided to go, as a ton of friends from all over the country were going to be there. This particular “tattoo family” won’t all be together again until October, when I will be otherwise occupied with a 4 month old. Plus there’s cable TV and room service in the hotel!!

It’s probably just because in my current state I now have some serious baby radar, but I have never seen so many kids at a convention before. I’m talking a range from newborns to toddlers to pre-teens here. In the past, there have always been kids here and there at shows. Once in Baltimore, one of Pee-Wee’s clients was there with her husband and 3 kids – the oldest of which was probably 4 and the youngest of which was probably 4 months. While she was getting tattooed the husband looked after the kids, except for a while when he decided to walk around, leaving the kids with a booth full of total strangers while his wife was otherwise occupied. When she finally located him she found him gawking at a bunch of women playing “Show your titties for a t-shirt”. That was fun.

But seriously in Philly this year I felt like more people were there with there little ones. Not that I needed any kind of encouragement for our little one to eventually join us at conventions. She’s coming to Miami (with grandma) in October for the Visionary Expo. As much as my tattoo family will want to meet her, I won’t take her on the convention floor till she’s a little older. Something about babies who maybe haven’t had all their immunizations yet and a big room full of fresh tattoos and blood born pathogens just doesn’t sit well with me. But when she’s a bit older I’ll be happy to take her so she can become part of that tattooed family. And drunk people and copious amounts of partial to full nudity aside, conventions can be pretty kid-friendly. Aside from all the pretty colors and sparkly things there’s usually a fun side-show kid friendly act and cabinet of curiosity type displays. I can just imagine when she’s a bit older and asking “Mommy, why isn’t that lady wearing any pants?” Now that, is a whole other topic that I’m not sure I’m ready to address on this journal just yet.

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