I’ve noticed for the past few weeks that I am pretty much guaranteed a seat on the train. Dudes are even getting up for me so I must be rockin some serious belly.

Another thing I’ve noticed: if I’m on my feet for any prolonged period of time boy do they get tired . This first became apparent on a shopping trip with my sister several weeks ago. We weren’t even out for that long but by the time I got home was I ready for a foot soak. Yay for my mom’s pregnancy survival kit from Earth Mama which includes a tub of foot soaking salts called ‘happy feet’. Happy feet indeed.

Finally, I got up to put on a DVD last night and after having to sit down on the floor instead of bending over to put the damn thing on I said to Jon “I’m finding that I’m starting to have a hard time bending over” to which he replied “I noticed – guess this means I am going to have to start doing more for you”. I hope this includes putting my shoes on for me in my 8th month and rolling me out of bed in the morning!!!

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