List Mania!

Ways being pregnant has changed me:
* I am more cautious about going about my daily life. for instance,I don’t jaywalk anymore. Sure, if it’s a very clear coast and like the next 5 lights are already red I will cross on the don’t walk sign, but no more of this attitude as a NYer that jaywalking is my birthright and you shall yield to my pedestrian ass even if you have a green light. No more dashing across the street just to get where I’m going 2.5 seconds earlier. I also hold onto banisters when I’m going up or down steps, and no longer dash down the subway steps when I hear my train coming. I think this is a combination of 2 things. First, I am now in charge of another little life in there so I have to take it easy! Second, I am clumsy as fuck now and can very easily see myself tripping over my own 2 feet in traffic or slipping down steps somewhere, so I take it slow. Also, the extra weight has me not moving as fast as I used too.

* I am no longer concerned about missing the party or some important social event. I used to be the last one to stay up in case I somehow missed out on some spectacular thing that might happen at 2am. I always wanted to be out and about. And although this aspect of my personality had been in slow decline even before I got pregnant, it is now absolutely gone. With the exception of a few important matters – bachelorette parties, birthdays, important tattoo conventions where all my friends are going to be, I would much rather be home, and most likely asleep.

* My tolerance for bullshit is waaaaaay low. Maybe because of hormones, maybe because starting a family has brought front and center what really important in life and I don’t need your psychodrama bullshiz. See also my previous post about being a bitch.

* Oh my music tastes! Some of my friends would be appalled if they saw my recent downloads from iTunes. It includes things like Beyonce, Kanye West and Kelly Clarkson. Don’t worry! Baby will still grow up with an appreciation for good music like the Beatles, The Ramones, etc. I can’t explain this recent phenomenon, but before I forget I must go download the rest of that Pink album….

*My fashion sense. It’s alllllll about comfort baby. I’m wearing things (like leggings!) that I swore I would never wear. All in the name of being comfortable. And there’s a lot more pink in my wardrobe these days.

Ways being pregnant has NOT changed me:
* I would like to think I am still the fun person you all know and love. Contrary to what I’ve written on this blog about going to bed early I still know how to have fun and not be a Debbie Downer about it being past my bedtime (for the most part).

* Except for my extreme exhaustion in the first trimester, I have remained pretty active. OK, you know from reading this blog I am a shell of my former workout self, but I do maintain 40+ hours a week at my job AND manage to come home and keep up my side of the house work. For the most part!

* I am still sweet and polite. I know! I just wrote a whole post dedicated to what a bitch I am, but (especially at work) I maintain my sweet disposition, and even if I am think decidedly unhappy thoughts and possibly daydreaming about punching you in the face, I will play nice.

*I still curse like a sailor. This will most likely need to change when baby comes, and especially when she starts to talk and imitate sounds. But for now, Fuck fucking damn shit bitch asshole…

Things I love about being pregnant:

* The attention! Everyone wants to know how I’m feeling! People that probably don’t really give a shit about me feel compelled to ask how I’m feeling!!

* Feeling the baby kick around inside me. I guess because she’s getting much bigger I can feel her movements a lot more. And on the outside sometimes too – and Jon can feel them! It’s really fun to see what she responds to – like she was kicking a lot when I rode the bus down 5th Ave the other day. She quiets down when I exercise but when I’m laying around she is usually practicing her kung-fu. Oh and last night I could SEE her kicking a certain spot on my tummy. It was so cool!

* The free pass I get on not having to carry anything ever.

* The excitement! I can’t wait to embark on this parenthood journey with Jon!

Things I don’t love about being pregnant:

* Carrying around this extra weight. I can no longer bound up the subway steps. Walking up the hill to my home makes me tired. And it will only get worse the bigger I get. Also, I fear my boobs are going to take over Brooklyn any day now. I don’t like having to buy bras the size of parachutes.

* Crazy-pants hormonal mood swings. I try to curb it, I really do but sometimes the hormones get the best of me and I cannot stop those irrational thought processes that have me in a tizzy over the silliest things.

* The anticipation: I have had my fair share of freak outs about not being ready for this baby. Lucky for me I have a calm rational supportive husband to assure me that it will all be ok, and family who also helps.

* The “stuff”. I will write a separate post about this but the amount of stuff they make for babies makes my head spin. Luckily, I have some friends who are going through this/ been there/ done that who are helping me see what is essential and that I don’t need every product the baby industry is shoving down my throat. Even if it’s all too cute.

*The clothes. Why do they never put maternity clothes on sale? Why do some maternity jeans just come in S, M, L and not you know actual sizes?

My friend over on Bebehblog has a great pregnant vs. drunk list here.

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