Babies R’Us in Sheepshead Bay: A true Brooklyn experience!

So we went to Babies r’ Us on Sunday so we could check out strollers and car seats. We also ended up checking out cribs as that was the first baby item we encountered. I also had this delusion that I could set up our registry. On a Sunday! In Brooklyn!! Fuggedaboudit!!!

So Jon kept telling me that I should’ve done better research because I didn’t know what stroller and/or travel system had the best reviews. But that was not the purpose of this trip. I wanted to actually get my hands on the things as opposed to just reading about them. I wanted to pop the car seat in and out of the stroller and practice rolling it around and crashing it into the other strollers. Plus Jon was quick enough to pull up reviews on his iPhone so there you go.

I foolishly thought I could also talk to someone about the strollers I had in mind. Ha! Not in Brooklyn baby!

First, the salespeople were few and far between. Second, most of them were young males that looked, on average about 16 years old. Not that they couldn’t possibly educated on strollers and car seats – I’m sure it’s part of their job -but you know it just wasn’t what I was expecting. Plus they were all being monopolized so we just went on our way taking the strollers off the shelves and rolling them around the store.

Another funny thing that struck me was that there was barely a word of English being spoken around us. There was Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, and Spanish all around. I only heard one English conversation and it was about the $500 Zippy stroller and went something like “Yeah this is the one I see all those stupid yuppies in the park with”

All in all, even though we didn’t set up the registry or talk to anyone, it was a good research trip. We figured out that if we want one of the infant car seats that you can just pop out and carry the baby inside with, then you have to buy a new one when the kid gets bigger than 22 lbs. And if we want one that we’ll be able to use from newborn till the kids a lot heavier, than we don’t get the luxury of the carry-out baby car seat. I also don’t think we’re getting a ‘travel system’ because I have my heart set on this super cute super functional stroller made by Baby Planet – which I can use until she’s ready to walk AND they even have a recycling program when you’re finished with it. A stroller after my own heart!! They only have this online and not in stores at Babies R’ Us but I did find a baby/kid store called Cookies in the Fulton Mall (one of the most ghetto fabulous shopping areas in Brooklyn) where I can go check it out.

So we feel a bit more prepared but sorry we haven’t set up a registry yet! When I got home and tried to set up the online registry and Babies R’ Us I was told after I went through inputting all of the information that it was temporarily unavailable.

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2 Responses to Babies R’Us in Sheepshead Bay: A true Brooklyn experience!

  1. Anonymous says:

    At least you didn’t go to the Wost Target in the World.
    Just a helpful registry hint – my relatives have all failed at ordering anything online. Register for stuff people can actually go to the store and purchase. No one wants to pay $12 shipping for onesies.

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