Is pregnancy turning me into a bitch? And why say bitch like it’s a bad thing?

I think it might be. Sure, lets just go ahead and blame it on the hormones! I just have no tolerance for bullshit anymore, and especially at the end of a long annoying workday, I will unleash the beast on you. It’s weird because pre-pregnancy I would always feel bad after I snapped at someone or was incredibly short, mean, or horrible to them. Now I just don’t give a fuck. Obviously if you have incurred my wrath you deserve it, so deal.

Whether justified or not, I do not feel bad about any of my displays of mega bitch so far.

Guitar hero at 5:30 am with your drunk friends? Not a good idea, I don’t care if it is a Saturday night (technically Sunday morning!) I feel completely justified in getting out of bed and telling you all to shut the fuck up.

Asking me a stupid question will also bring out the bitch. Especially at work. I am finding it hard enough to keep my own shit together, and add on the fact that I am actually responsible for keeping someone else’s schedule and travel together and I have a short fucking fuse. So please try not to waste my time and brain power droning on about things that are a) not my responsibility at work and b) probably irrelevant. This will surely bring on a snappy, bitchy response/ STFU kind of comment from me. And I won’t feel bad about it! Another case in point would be pointing out terribly obvious things I am not supposed to do while pregnant. This will generate not only a OTT bitchy response, but an extremely sarcastic one to boot. So really I don’t need you to tell me that I can’t do shots while I’m pregnant because I’m pretty sure that’s painfully obvious to me.

Another one: please tread lightly when talking about my growing belly. The proper thing to say to me would be “Oh look at your baby bump it’s really starting to show now” or something along those lines. “Wow you’re really putting on weight now” Will only force me to snap “Well I AM growing another human being in there”. Seriously people! Get a fucking clue!!!!

Finally, I am just now pregnant enough that people are noticing. I’m also probably not pregnant enough that they can get away with not noticing. So I’m on a packed N train coming home a few days ago, and at Canal St, the stop after I get on, the woman who is sitting in front of me gets up. So I start to turn around and sit my weary ass down when the woman next to me decided SHE wants the seat and starts trying to push me out of the way. I’m not kidding – we were like pushing each other out of the little space with our asses. I finally ducked underneath her and sat down. When she gave me a dirty look I just smiled and said “Sorry love I’m 5 months pregnant” which prompted her to congratulate me. This was probably the only time i felt a slight twinge of remorse at my outright bitchiness of the fight for that seat. I figured everyone around me was all WTF why is this little chubby girl trying to out sit this older woman (for the record she wasn’t THAT old). So I said my apology and then quickly started not giving a fuck.

So, yeah if you feel like I’m being a bitch to you more lately, well, uh I’m not sorry!!

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One Response to Is pregnancy turning me into a bitch? And why say bitch like it’s a bad thing?

  1. Anonymous says:

    And don’t forget when your sister or mom starts harping about working out…which you do enough of anyway!

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