Stop the Insanity !!!


So I went to try and cancel my crunch gym membership the other day. Epic Fail! The lady talked me out of it! What a good saleswoman she was. I’m not going to get into why I decided to keep it but it comes down to the fact that I can get a note from my Dr. to freeze the membership, with no monthly cost for 6 months. And If I canceled it and wanted to reinstate it down the road (which would happen) I would have to pay the membership fee and I wouldn’t get as good a monthly deal and blah blah blah. The lesson: get your ass to the gym Holly.

That being said: You people (you KNOW who you are) have to stop trying to make me feel guilty for not working out during my pregnancy. Just because I was thinking about canceling my membership doesn’t mean I’m giving up on being fit! And I really don’t care about what other pregnant women are doing. Really there was a woman who was 20 weeks pregnant in your cardio thai box class? Good for her! I bet she ran marathons in her first trimester while I was eating cookies. I’m also pretty sure that a cardio thai box class would NOT be good for me or my baby at this point.

In my first trimester I had a hard enough time getting to work and back let alone fitting in any time for the gym. I could barely get through my workday without having to lay down on the couch in my bosses office for 20 minutes. The thought of walking on the treadmill would’ve brought me to tears. Sure, my energy is back, but I’m still having a hard time getting to the gym. I’m more tired than I was pre-pregnancy after work and when you throw in trying to get shit done around the house before my belly gets too big, forget it. I’m going to try to get myself back to the gym, at least once on the weekend and once during the week. But until then, lay off me with the workout pep talks ok? It’s not exactly like I’m sitting around all day eating bon bons on the couch.

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