Healthy Living & LOL Pre-natal yoga

So, me and salad are finally friends again. But only arugula so far. The romaine they put on my turkey sandwich yesterday tasted like crap. But this is a step in the right direction right? I can actually eat green veggies again – woo! I’m even eating some things I didn’t like before, although I’m having mixed results with that. I made a pizza the other night and NEEDED to have green peppers and onions on it. It was so yummy but man did those peppers repeat on me – which is part of the reason i hated peppers pre-pregnancy.

As far as workouts, well, I’ve decided to cancel my gym membership. When I told this to my mom she asked WHY? but the simple answer is: It’s expensive and I haven’t gone since October! I walk at least 20 minutes a day, just getting to and from work, etc and have been doing my cheese-tastic yoga video at least twice a week (and have ordered another one at the recommendation of a friend in addition to a pre-natal workout video). When I’m ready after the baby I’ll go back, but right now it’s just sucking the $ out of my bank account on a monthly basis. Also I may see if there’s a cheaper membership I can get – but will most likely cancel. The thing I’ll miss the most will be my trainer friend Melody who teaches all the ‘kick your ass into shape’ classes which I can’t take anymore anyway (she also teaches yoga which I can probably take but never feel like it on a Wednesday evening after work). She will be my best friend when I’m ready to go back post-baby.

I’m excited at the prospect of a yoga video that contains actual elements of yoga. Not that the one I have doesn’t, and to give it some credit it has taught me a few stretches to help deal with the back pain I’ve been dealing with in my sciatic nerve. But there are things that I really can’t deal with about it. One of them is the fact that a lot of the poses they have you do involve a chair. No, I’m not knocking the chair – my balance is NOT what it used to be. But the production of the DVD does not allow time for the actual person at home to move the chair out of the way when you’re done w/ it. The DVD will just cut to the next pose when I’m still working on getting the damn chair out of my way. Also, they say some cheesy shit like ” You ARE strong – you’re growing a new life inside you” Or “Think of your baby growing inside you” as they cut to a video of some random baby in a ultrasound.

But, at least it gets me stretching and relaxed. I’ll wait for my new one to arrive, which my friend assures me isn’t super cheesy until the end. And then it’s ridiculously over the top cheesy.

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