I’m not gonna lie….

I really miss smoking pot. I joked to a friend the other day that I could do without the pot & drinking, but that I would kill someone for a tuna avocado sushi roll. While this is, for the most part, still true, god what I wouldn’t give for a few tokes on a nice spliff right now.

This is due partly because of some job-related stress I’ve been dealing with. Without getting into a ton of details (because I refuse to rehash it and get stressed about it) there was a major fuck-up that, while not my fault affected me directly. Among other woes that everyone is facing during these rough economic times (layoff’s, salary cuts, etc.) I’ve been dealing with this major issue since last Friday. And it hasn’t been something I can easily ‘let go’ like I usually can with job related stress. It wakes me up in the night. It makes me spontaneously tear up sometimes.

And in reality, all the prenatal yoga (which BTW deserves a whole post for itself), chamomile tea, and meditation cannot compare to the calming effects of a fattie filled with some sweet green nugs. Now to those family members that may go worrying about me; please don’t. I haven’t smoked pot since I found out I’m knocked up. And the reality is, since I’ll be nursing and devoting all of my attention to caring for a newborn, it could easily be over a year (did I just say that ?!?) until I get to indulge in the green again. But Damn do I miss you Mary Jane.

I was on a crowded subway car on the way home last night and this dude got on with a backpack and that thing was stinkin . I just new he had to have a least an ounce of some sticky, sweet green in there. Even when he moved a few feet away I could smell it loud and clear. I thought to myself “Well he’s going to have an awesome weekend. What I wouldn’t give to just be in the ROOM when they light that shit up”, I moved closer to him so I could continue to inhale the sweet dank scent. He probably either thought I was a complete whack job, or an undercover cop. Or maybe he just knew I was a fellow connoisseur.

So, to all my non-pregnant fellow stoners: Blaze one in my honor please!!!!

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1 Response to I’m not gonna lie….

  1. Anonymous says:

    mark doesnt have an lj. lol
    LOL! MJ has been missing you too! LMAO!
    kudos for holding out tho! ur baby will thank u lata! =D

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