Go to sleep…..

There are some really simple things make being pregnant a lot easier.

One of them is my body pillow that Aunt Lori got me. The thing is amazing. Even Jon Jon thinks so! It’s shaped like a giant comma, but it zips up, so right now I have it not in the comma shape but more in the C shape. So I can rest my head on top, prop the belly up and get the end between my legs. And then I sleep like a champion . See, before I was pregnant I was most definitely a back or stomach sleeper. Well, in the first trimester there was no way I was sleeping on my stomach (Hi sore boobs!) and apparently back sleeping is strictly verboten when preggo. (I later learned this is only so in later months, as the baby gets heavier b/c it settles on your back and cuts off circulation big time). The best thing for the baby apparently is to sleep on your left side. From about month 2 -3 I was having major insomnia and waking up with major back pain. I couldn’t get comfortable to save my life!! Then Aunt Lori got me this pillow. And let me tell you, the first night I slept with it I woke up feeling so refreshed and, well, rested. The only problem is Jon will sometimes steal it in the night, or try to share with me, which doesn’t really work out so well. Usually when I get up in the morning, he rolls over and takes over the body pillow. No more cuddles in the morning, now it’s all about the body pillow. I actually just got done reading a book called The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy and the author talks about her body pillow, which her husband started to call her boyfriend so she named it Phil. She also said it was like having the Great Wall of China between her and her husband. The one I have is good because it’s not humongous like that and I can actually still reach out and cuddle Jon, even if he would rather be cuddling the pillow.

But seriously – I slept at a friends house over the weekend and missed the body pillow so much. Propping another pillow between my legs and under my belly just isn’t the same. Oh an also: once the baby comes I can zip and curl up the pillow to make a little circle for the baby to chill in. Right now when I do this my cats think they have been gifted with a brand new super comfy cat bed, so we’ll have to work on that one!

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