I’ve been thinking alot lately about the war in Gaza. Not just because it’s everywhere in the news, and maybe it’s just because I’m pregnant and hormonal, but I can’t help but think of what it might be like to be pregnant in a situation where rocket and mortar fire is a common occurrence. I actually burst into tears at work the other day while reading something in the NYTimes. It was specifically about flyers that the Israeli military were dropping on residential areas in Gaza that said something to the effect of ” We have much harsher methods of dealing with Hamas then this. You need to leave your home now it is no longer safe” before they prepared to bomb the shit out of that particular area.

Now I’m not going to pretend to know all about the politics behind this. And I certainly don’t want to place any blame squarely on either side. Yes, Hamas does operate in civilian areas, but why does the Israeli army have to use such incredible force over these areas, when it is certain that it will result in large numbers of innocent deaths?

All I can think about are the women who are pregnant or the mothers of small children. I can’t imagine being 5 months (or ANY amount of months for that matter) pregnant, coming home and finding a flyer that tells me my home is no longer safe and I have to leave or else risk death. And what of the hospitals that have no power or medicine? What does this mean for women who are in labor during those mortar attacks? And here I am worrying about heating up my lunch in the microwave at work and how that might affect the health of my unborn child.

I also can’t imagine having to evacuate my home with my newborn child or toddler. Here in the cushty US we’re so ‘prepared’ to take baby out with our fancy diaper bags filled with every binkie and bottle we could possibly need tucked away under our bugaboo strollers and across the world these women are fleeing with their children, maybe with nothing more than the cloths on their backs and hope that the next air strike doesn’t turn their family into a casualty of war.

I know, women are strong and have been dealing with being mothers in times of conflict since the dawn of time. I also realize it’s not just in Gaza but all over the world. Darfur, Iraq, Afghanistan… I’ll just keep these women in mind next time I’m pissed I don’t get a seat on the train. And Imagine all the people…living for today

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One Response to Imagine…

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey girl!
    what a beautiful blog. i was discussing this particular subject with my boyfriend yesterday actually, about the same exact thing. over 1000 palestinians in the last few weeks and what? 4 dead israelis? im not pregnant or anywhere close to being in said state, but i can sincerely try to empathize with these women (men and children alike) that go on every day, trying to face the fear that their home and family can be destroyed. tell ya one thing, the news is humbling in that way… if there is any positive results from it anyway.
    on a brighter note, this blog is a lovely idea for your little pregnant self! i love the URL name hehe 🙂 take care, hun!
    ❤ rio

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