Maternity wardrobe

So far, I only own one pair of maternity jeans. They’re from Old Navy and I got them the weekend after Thanksgiving, when they were 50% off. I decided to brave Atlantic Center (the very crowded, very ghetto shopping center here in Brooklyn where the Target, Old Navy, Marshal’s etc. are) this weekend to see if I could find any good sales, as I’m getting to need another pair of maternity jeans, and possibly some work pants. Well, Old Navy was having a great sale – 60% off the entire store*- that is everything but maternity pants . Of course. I did get some cute shirts for like $3 each but I needed pants dammit!! And forget about Target. While I’m sure Liz Lange makes some cuter maternity pants, good luck finding anything at the Brooklyn Target. Their maternity section consists of like 4 racks and almost everything is a maternity size 14 or above. And lets not talk about the traumatizing realization I had that I need bigger bras . I found about 2 36 D size that didn’t look like a) something my grandma would wear or b) something that would carry you to safety if you jumped out of a plane. This is a problem in general with Target though. Before I was preggo it was next to impossible to find cloths I liked there in anything even close to my size.

So I’m getting along for now with my one pair of maternity jeans, and other non-maternity items. Like leggings!!! Something I never would have even considered putting on before pregnancy I now practically live in! And Levi’s 504 ‘Tilted’ jeans which have been a godsend. The same style I have loved for years, but the front waist tilts a little lower, which leaves the perfect amount for my little bump. Not sure how much longer I’ll be able to rock these, but hopefully with the help of my bella band I’ll be able to rock these for another few months.

Oh and just out of curiosity I googled ‘designer maternity jeans’ and almost fell of my chair when I saw that for only $238 you too could own a pair of Seven for all Mankind maternity jeans! Thats almost double what you would pay for a non maternity pair of those things! And I thought that the stuff in Motherhood maternity was too expensive. (Side note: there’s one of these in Atlantic Center which I like to call Motherhood maternity) For real? I’ll stick to Old Navy and their $32.50 jeans.

***UPDATE*** F you Old Navy and you’re cheap maternity cloths. After wearing the jeans about 3 times, and washing them twice, the elastic band (which is in place of the button and fly at the top of the pants) is starting to rip off the jeans. AND the ‘cute’ T-Shirt I bought for $3? it’s black and I put it on the other day and was shocked that I could see my pink bra (D -cup bitches!!!) through it. Yeah. A see through black t-shirt. Suddenly Mother hood is lookin good.

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