“looking” pregnant

Ah, the Holidays . All i can say is thank god for Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider!! Had a great Christmas and New Years, despite the apple juice in place of wine.

Something that cracked me up was, at my mom’s house for Christmas, all my relatives and such were all “Oh wow look at your little belly” and “Oh – there’s a baby in there!”Or, as my mom said to my aunt “She’s finally starting to pop.” Not that I mind at all – in fact- I’m glad people are starting to take notice as it backs up the reason I can no longer fit in my old jeans. The joke here is, a few days after Christmas (and plenty of Christmas eating!) I went to friends for dinner and saw his sister who exclaimed “You’re almost 4 months?!? But you don’t even LOOK pregnant at all! You can’t tell in your face or anything!!” And what I was wearing wasn’t even that baggy!!!

I’ll take ’em both! Lets just hope that a few months after I give birth people are exclaiming “Wow really you just had a baby? And not asking me when I’m due :). And don’t worry I’m not going to be unrealistic about loosing baby weight Hollywood style. Although as I do have my energy back for now I am planning on hitting the gym for some easy cardio to balance out some of the Holiday eating. And also since I have been throwing away my money every month on a gym membership that I haven’t used in 3+ months.

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