“Pregnancy Brain” or: Post-its – A pregnant Ladies best friend

You all know me, I’m a pretty organized person. I keep my shit together. But! Lately that has become in incredibly hard task! You should see my desk at work (for those that don’t know I’m an executive assistant). It’s full of post it’s reminding me to do things. The calendar has post-its all over certain days reminding me to do things or call people. I have a ‘master list’ on legal sized paper of things I have to remember to do.

It doesn’t get much better at home. I’m going to have to ask Jon to take over the bill paying because this month, I totally forgot to pay our maintenance in the first 8 days of the month. Actually, while writing this, I just remembered I have to make my monthly Dr’s appointment, schedule my level 2 ultra sound, and go get a flu shot at my other Dr!!! Excuse me while I go do these things now.

Okay. Appointments made!

So this morning was the absolute worst. I left the house and thought I forgot my gloves so I went back upstairs. They were in my handbag already, plain as day, in all their black and white striped right in my face glory. So I get back downstairs and am about to step out into the snow when I realize I don’t have my iPod. SO I go back to the house, get the iPod and venture out to the subway. I get down to the platform and realize, while I remembered to go back for my iPod, I left the headphones on the table!!! And, to top it all off, I also left my phone at home!! All I can do is laugh at this point!!

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