Getting a seat on the train….

Ok. I know I’m not really showing much in the way of a belly yet, so I’m not expecting strangers to leap up and offer me their seat on a crowded subway car. But damn people. Reading a pregnancy book doesn’t seem to do it. People just look at it then avert their eyes. Jaded NYers!! I joke that I’m going to make a huge pin to wear on my coat that says “I’m pregnant please give me your seat”. Big bulky winter coats don’t seem to help the situation either. I’m hoping for a freakishly warm Spring so that at least by my last trimester I can except hope get a seat if I’m lucky. Right now it’s really not that bad, except sometimes at the end of the day when I’m super tired. And I don’t have my hopes up even when my belly is big. I’ve seen a pregnant woman w/ two small children get on a train w/ no seats and no one even bats an eyelash they all just look the other way. I, of course, get up for her.

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