Baby it’s cold outside….

I woke up this morning, and the first thing I noticed was that both cats were in bed with us. the second thing I noticed when I stuck my arm out from under the covers to pet Frank was the it was FREEZING. When we came home last night it was cold, but it was also during the boilers ‘off’ hours, so I just went to bed with 2 blankets. But it was sub-zero at 9 am, when the boiler should be on and pumping. I pulled my robe into bed to warm it up, lazed about with the cats for 15 more minutes, then got up for some tea. This is when I noticed the hot water was also off.

After a trip to the basement to confirm, yes, the boiler is not on I thought about it for a moment then called the plumbers. I confirmed with the board president (we live in co-op) that the plumbers were called and put a note downstairs to let the neighbors know I was handling it.

When Jon left for work and there was no one to cuddle with (even the cats were cold to the touch at this point!) I decided to brave the weekend crowds and do some Christmas shopping. I layered up and braved the outside. The 27 degree weather wasn’t so bad, as I had already been cold in the house. Plus when I got to Atlantic center it was nice and toasty. Too toasty even! As soon as i got in the shopping center I had to strip off my coat and scarf.

Over the past month or so I’ve really come to understand the term Bun in the Oven . I’m like a walking heater over here. Even in my office, which can sometimes be cold I sweat my ass off. I have learned to dress in lots and lots of layers so I can be comfortable anywhere I go. Warm enough outside but with the ability not to sweat my ass off in a sweater in my office. Somebody explained the reasoning behind this to me but all I remeber is it has something to do with the cells dividing, or something?

By the way, the heating was back on when I got home, and i heated it up even more by baking my ass off for upcoming holiday celebrations next week. As I mentioned to a friend, I am fully planning to substitute booze this holiday season with sweets. Jill’s little holiday shindig officially kicks off my holiday party circuit. Woo!

So to all those of you who don’t have a Bun in the Oven. Bundle up and stay warm!!

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