This is mine and my husbands first child. This is my first blog post for my pregnancy journal. I’ve started this journal mostly to share my experience w/ my family, who are scattered around the Northeast (and beyond) so I don’t have to do mass emails all the time.

I’m 13 weeks – out of the first trimester. I guess I lucked out with morning sickness. I only puked once, and I think it was because I gagged myself w/ my toothbrush. Certain food groups (like dairy!) would definitely make me super sick, but I can once again eat yogurt! I haven’t had any super crazy cravings, I just want all things apple. I already had an appetite for spicy foods and things like pickles and capers before i was pregnant so that is nothing new. Although I’m not sure I would have gone and put cream cheese AND pickles on crackers before, so there’s that.

We had the first ultrasound on Monday and got to see the little baby in good detail rockin ‘n’ rollin around my womb. I also think the baby waved to us. We have a great ‘film reel’ of pics which I will post up here when i can get them scanned. I overhead a woman in the waiting room who just had her level 2 ultrasound say that they gave her a CD of pictures and a DVD!! I’ll be back for that in about 7 weeks. That’s also when we learn the sex!!! I’m convinced I’m having a boy so all we’ve really talked about was boy names, though we have a few girl names picked out too.

So, stay tuned for more updates on my pregnancy adventure… I promise to try and keep this more current than my tattoo blog which I update…almost never!

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2 Responses to Firsts!

  1. Anonymous says:

    so what names are you talking about?
    ps this is your Cuz, Corin 🙂

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